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Before Help Arrives is a Community Safety Initiative

of Tactical Casualty Care Australia: TC2 Australia  


What is a First Care Provider?

The reality is that sometimes Professional First Responders can't get there soon enough.  

First Care Providers are the first ones to brave danger and selflessly provide medical care to those injured.

Empowered and trained community members can serve a critical role as First Care Providers (FCP) during the initial moments after complex and dynamic disasters.  

These FCPs often have immediate access to severely injured victims and can provide time sensitive, life saving interventions; the FCP is the first link in the trauma chain of survival. 

Before Help Arrives provides FREE Trauma Response Training via our Nation wide network of Authorised Trainers and Instructors.  

The First Care Provider Course has been developed in the United States as part of the Department of Homeland  Security "Stop the Bleed" Initiative, and is delivered under licence from the First Care Provider Foundation through Tactical Casualty Care Australia and Before Help Arrives.

Our Aim is to prepare and provide everyday Australians, with the skills and confidence to be Citizen Hero's.

Inspired by the American First Care Provider Foundation it is our Vision to provide a Community Safety initiative that our Friends across the Pacific can be proud of. And ultimately build our own grassroots Army of Citizen Hero's, ready willing and able to stand up and step in whenever or wherever the need arises.

Our Mission


To raising Public awareness of the need for civilian response to major acts of violence, disasters and Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). 

Together WE can create an integrated network of individuals and communities empowered to ensure not another life is lost from a preventable cause of death as a result of trauma or SCA.

Our Goal


To give every Australian the skills and confidence to be a Citizen Hero.

We believe that Bleeding Control and CPR is important for everybody to learn.

We also believe that having a plan for how to respond to dangerous situations and understanding the “preventable causes of death” are equally as important.

Seconds count & Trained help can be minutes away


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The emergency doesn't end when you call 000. 

Average response times can be well over 5 minutes. 

Learn how to save a life and simple steps to help a trauma victim.

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Bleeding Control


Learn how to Stop Catastrophic Bleeding and save a life today.

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Train First CARE Providers, teach Bleeding Control, help change the world.


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Be prepared when an emergency strikes. Tourniquets and trauma kits on sale.

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Like to know what the American First Care Provider Team is all about?

News feeds are filled with horrifying events, active shooters, terrorist attacks, and disasters. 

What's often lost in these painful tragedies is the heroic efforts of everyday people, answering the call and coming to the aid of their fellow man.   

Our hope is that these stories inspire people to learn to Stop the Bleed and to become certified First CARE Providers.  

Join us as we discuss our plans to change the world and make our communities safer by teaching everyone how to address the preventable causes of traumatic death. 

Come listen to inspiring stories, and hear how first responders & veterans got together to create a program to empower citizens.

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